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China really is a friend in need

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Speech delivered by Narayanman Bijukchhen ‘Rohit’ on the virtual meeting between the leaders of Nepali political leaders and the senior officials of Chinese Communist Party International Department (IDCPC) on 26th May.
Your Excellency Minister Song Tao,
Comrades from Communist Party of China,
Dignitaries and Friends from Nepal,
Namaste and Good afternoon!
It is a pleasure to be here with our Chinese comrades and other friends to discuss on enhancing cooperation between Nepal and China at this time of a big challenge for mankind. It is a matter of pride that Nepal and China have always been good neighbours and friends. We believe that our friendship and relation between our people will strengthen more during this challenging times of second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Today, Nepal along with many other countries of the world, are enduring the wrath of COVID-19. The pandemic has laid bare the vulnerability of our health system. In this difficult time, China rushed to offer assistance and stood by us. We express our gratitude for the medical support and other necessary assistance provided by the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government. We hope it will help alleviate the suffering of our people. It is once again proved that China really is a friend in need.
We would also like to thank the CPC, the Chinese government, and the Chinese people for sharing with the world community, the valued experiences gained during the vigorous battle against the pandemic. The eminent effort in uniting the people and mass mobilization to combat the virus has unveiled the actual strength of socialism and socialist leadership. China’s victory in the war against the pandemic is one of the remarkable successes in the early 21st century and it has become a beacon of hope throughout the world.
Last but not the least, on behalf of Nepal Workers & Peasants’ Party, I would like to extend our warmest greetings and best wishes to General Secretary of CPC and President of Peoples` Republic of China His Excellency Xi Jinping on the 100th founding day of the CPC. It is our belief that the CPC would march ahead successfully towards building a socialist society based on economic equality and achieving two centenary goals on time. We believe that the CPC would keep inspiring the world socialist movement and anti-imperialist struggles as well.
Thank You!

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