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Report from Nepal-2

  • जेष्ठ २५, २०७८
  • Niraj Lawoju
  • English

Amidst the prairie fire of the covid pandemic, an announcement from China to provide 1 million additional anti-covid vaccines to Nepal is hugely applauded by Nepalese People. Since April, Nepal has been one of the burning hotspots of the Pandemic resulting the death of thousands of people within short span of time. Condition in essence is still not under control but some beam of light is visible in distance.
Ample numbers of scientific research have proven that vaccine is the most effective weapon in the fight against fatal transmission of virus. All the countries- rich and poor, big and small and developed and underdeveloped have prioritized rightly the vaccination on the top and are working hard to ensure their each citizen be vaccinated.
Vaccination, being the strongest shield against virus, is urgent need of Nepal where covid cases are surging in multiplying rate. According to the official data only 7 percent of total population in Nepal has been vaccinated till date. Fight against draconian virus with such meager number of vaccination is ever challenging.
As among the two neighboring countries of Nepal, India herself is inundated with the pandemic severely, China is the nearest branch Nepal can take help to get out of the worst situation.
In the moment when Nepal is in dire need of more and more vaccine, announcement from the Chinese President Xi Jingping, after telephone conversation with his Nepalese counterpart to grant 1 million vaccines , has really proven per se to be a pond amidst hectic walk across the desert.
Prior to this, China has granted 8 hundred thousand doses of vaccines to Nepal that arrived Kathmandu on 29 March. Second among the two doses of China-made vaccine was inoculated amidst the recent spike of virus that certainly will contribute to halt the upsurge of virus.
Besides that, under acute shortage of medical equipments including oxygen cylinder and ventilator in the beginning of May, China government donated some 25 hundred oxygen cylinders, ventilators, oxygen concentrators to Nepal ASAP. Sichuan government and Tibet government as well send tons of medical equipments that certainly ease the overwhelming condition of hospitals in Nepal. Of course hard days are yet to cease. But situation essentially is not pathetic as it was during first two weeks of May.
Vaccine disparity between developed and underdeveloped countries is the major challenge ahead in the fight against the virus. Stockpiling of vaccine by the developed countries and profit-mongering attitude of corporate houses have accentuated the under-vaccination in the developing and underdeveloped countries. Senior officials of WHO have repeatedly emphasized on the probable vile consequences of disparity and under-vaccination.  It is well known fact that no corner of the globe is secured from the virus unless the whole globe is not fully secured.
For that, anti-covid vaccine should be made the global public good that the Chinese President Xi has repeatedly insisting on various international forums. Developed economies must be helpful for vaccination of the Global South and all restrictions on raw materials required for vaccine production must be eased. Vaccines should not be made an item to garner profit and business rather it must be consider as a basic commodity used to preserve the spirit of humanity.
China, with the largest population in the world, herself has many issues to deal with as China is one of the effected countries in the first phase of the Pandemic. Though the number of new covid cases is China is negligible now, but total eradication is still a far talk. Nevertheless China is in frontline to extend helping hands towards almost all countries in need. Wherever the virus hit hard, China with sole humanitarian spirit arrives along with tons of assistance whether that be Spain or Laos or Nepal.
Chinese assistance, far from strategic interests, has made huge contribution to pull out the world from the quagmire of the pandemic.  Nepal being a proud neighbor of China really appreciates the crucial role it’s playing to maintain the world a beautiful planet where human being live.
In the meantime, Nepalese people are thankful for the Chinese people supporting Nepal in the time of acute need as ever. No power in the World can negate the strength of friendship between Nepal and China. China is indeed a friend of Nepal as ever in every need.

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