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This conference represents a pivotal milestone in our ongoing journey of exploration and innovation.

  • आश्विन २४, २०८०
  • Surendera Raj Gosai, Member of Parliament, Bagmati province
  • English
This conference represents a pivotal milestone in our ongoing journey of exploration and innovation.

Namaste! Greetings and a warm welcome to each one of you! I am truly delighted to be here with you today in this esteemed gathering. First and foremost, I’d like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Khwopa Engineering College and Khwopa College of Engineering for granting me this opportunity to address a distinguished audience composed of experts from various countries.

I extend my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to the entire college team for orchestrating this highly significant event. My sincere hope is that the International Conference on Computer, Electrical, Electronics, and Communication Technologies will be an overwhelming success, paving the way for groundbreaking ideas and remarkable discoveries.

Undoubtedly, this conference represents a pivotal milestone in our ongoing journey of exploration and innovation.

This moment also offers an opportunity to emphasize my strong belief that our esteemed friends from diverse fields will carry back beautiful memories from their time in Nepal.

The intensive interaction between Nepalese students, professors, and our esteemed foreign guests throughout the conference promises to be both productive and enlightening.

We find ourselves standing on hallowed ground, a land steeped in ancient art, architecture, and heritage. Bhaktapur, our gracious host, exudes an aura of ancient technology, skill, and beauty.

Before us, the Nyatapola Temple, a five-storey temple that has proudly endured for over three centuries despite the challenges of numerous earthquakes, stands as a testament to the extraordinary knowledge, skill, and technology of 17th-18th century Nepal. This temple, constructed within a mere seven months, epitomizes the remarkable capabilities of our ancestors, who laid the strong foundation for science and technology in Nepalese society.

The imposing bronze bell in Layaku, as well as the countless smaller bells scattered throughout the valley, serve as powerful reminders of the advanced communication technology of ancient times. Drums, too, played a vital role in communication. Today, we find ourselves in an era of unprecedented interconnectivity, where communication has reached new heights.

We can proudly assert that we had a solid foundation in science, skill, and technology. The Kathmandu Valley, during its golden era, supported other states by dispatching architects and scientists to assist in building monuments.

Araniko, a name we hold in great esteem, was not just an artist but also a scientist, engineer, and architect. In the 12th century, he journeyed to China, where he contributed to the construction of the White Pagoda and other remarkable structures in Beijing. Regrettably, this momentum did not persist with the changing times, and we fell behind in modern science and technology. However, the current generation shows promise as it learns from past mistakes and societal slowdowns.

Let us not forget the innovative creation of JuJu Dhau, or king curd, which marks another notable scientific achievement in human history.

Today, the world is in the midst of an unparalleled technological revolution. The rapid advancement of science and technology has opened up numerous avenues of possibilities and opportunities.

In the history of humanity, science and technology have never reached the heights they have today. Advanced technology is driving progress across almost every aspect of our lives and society. A better life, improved lifestyle, and a more advanced society have become attainable; all thanks to the miraculous strides in computer, electrical, electronics, and communications technologies.

We must recognize that modern science and technology have not only brought changes and developments but also challenges and setbacks. We hold the hope that the shadows will eventually dissipate, leaving behind a world filled with peace, progress, and prosperity, with technology as its strong backbone. The world people are waiting for new tech-revolutions, not tech-wars!

In conclusion, I offer my heartfelt best wishes for the resounding success of this conference and its continued legacy in the future. Thank you!

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