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 Commemorating Marx in Nepal today is to fight against Revisionism

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Copy of the Speech Niraj Lawoju gave in an interaction program hosted by the Cuba Solidarity Committee Nepal to welcome the members of the Communist Leagues of New Zealand and the UK.
Chairperson of the Program, our Comrades from abroad and all other friends,
Good Afternoon !
Firstly let me extend our gratitude to the two young comrades from New Zealand and the UK. Solidarity among the revolutionary working class always has been the inspirations and optimism for the bright future ahead. And we’re thankful for the comradely proximity shown towards Nepalese Working class in our hard days and at the time let me assure you that we, the youths from Nepal fighting against all sorts of oppression and injustice, will untiringly stand with the people throughout the globe fighting for justice and the revolutionary changes.
Comrades, now let me discuss some of the contemporary political issues that Nepal is heading through. ‘Left Unity’- this pair of word has been under the spotlight since half a year in Nepal. The then CPN(UML) and CPN (Maoist Center) merged with each other and from a party-the Communist Party of Nepal underlined. Exaggerations flooded and thousands of dreams are spread among the Nepali people soon after the Unity. Some of the senior leaders from the united party pictured the event as ‘the history hitherto’ and ‘path-breaking’. In their clear meaning, they intended to interpret their unity as ‘the completion of Nepali Revolution’ and ‘the socialist revolution’.
Even the working class of the whole world is observing the political development of Nepal with keen concern and in some cases with a level of optimism. But the surface of the river cannot always reflect the undercurrent of the water. In other words, what we generally see from surface may not be the reality and it’s what actually happening in Nepal. International Comrades of Nepalese working class who have been studying Nepali Revolution are very much aware about this reality.
For the profound clarity, the so-called left unity has nothing to do with the communist movement of Nepal because the two components merged were not the communist parties though they have been misusing the word- ‘Communist’ in their name. A party cannot be a communist party merely because it has used the word ‘communist’ in its name. There were and are many such parties in the world history who have used the word ‘communist’, ‘socialist’, ‘revolutionary’ etc. in their names, manifestos and programs but their impetus do not suit those words in minimum essence. Some among such later on were proved the infiltration of reactionary forces within communist movement. The newly formed CPN underlined is the new name registered in such category. Actually the two building components of the CPN had left even the left-ness long before they fell in the pit of ideological degradation.
When we study of the World Left Movement today, besides many, two defining characteristics of left-ness seems common among the left parties and groups-1.They are actively anti imperialist and 2. They are fighting against the capitalist crisis and demanding for the increment of Social investment from state. If we go back the yesteryears and analyze the governments and the activities of the UML and Maoist Center, they did not carry both of these characters. They neither extend any form of solidarity towards any anti-imperialist movement and against imperialist wars. They kept numb when the US led imperialism attacked Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Their youth wings never spoke on the demand to release the Five Cuban Heroes. Rather they participated the national conference of Akhil Bharatiya Bidhyarthi Parisad, a student wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party, a ruling fascist party of India.
Comrades, during their political campaigns, the youth leaders of those parties have always refuted the political system of DPRK and Cuba. They have drawn those socialist states as the authoritarian states amplifying the imperialist version. In essence, they are not anti imperialist and not fight against Imperialism.
Both the parties had been to the governments occasionally but they never had any such program which served the working class of Nepal. Their deeds never drew any impression of they being the communist parties. They, instead of nationalizing the major means of production, had encouraged and enhanced the privatization of the national industries, some even gifted by our friendly countries like China. They never had prioritized the budgetary increment in the essential sectors of public life-education, health, drinking water, agricultural production etc. Their governments had rather cut-off the social investments in various ways. Education in Nepal is very costly today and no student from working class can dream of University education. Deeper class division can be sensed in health sector. So to be short, they are by name communist but by their acts, they are neo-liberalists.
Revisionism has ever been the challenge in the Marxian School. Revisionism always has loudly spoken about the Revolution but kept on betraying the Revolution and the working class in true sense. They kept on impressing themselves as socialist and communist but working as per the interests of the bourgeoisies. They are renegades and betrayers for the working class. Undoubtedly the newly formed CPN underlined is the revised edition of Nepali revisionism that can only contaminate the bourgeois ideology in the working class and communist movement of Nepal. Clarity on this issue can apparently give the true condition of Nepali politics.
In particular condition of the South Asian region, Indian Monopoly Capitalism and Indian Expansionism are the major challenges for the working class movement and socialist revolution as the US led Imperialism in the global scale. Fighting against the Indian Expansionism and Monopoly Capitalism is one of the major tasks delegated to the working class of the South Asian region including Indian working class. Today Indian working class particularly the peasants, workers, ethnic minorities, students, women, progressive intellectuals are fighting against the oppressive Modi led Fascism. We stand for the solidarity of the Indian people fighting for Democracy in ‘the World Largest Democracy’. But the so-called Communist Party Nepal underlined has always been the puppet of the Indian Monopoly Capitalism and Expansionism. ‘Nationalism’ generally they uttered is a false slogan to garner the public support in the elections and a lip service to consolidate the Nepali peoples’ sentiment. The then UML is equally responsible for the imbalanced treaties imposed upon Nepal by the Indian ruling class.  Indian Ruling class entertains the UML as its new black horse, useful for the continuance of Indian effect in Nepal and to set-back the Nepali working class movement. The so-called ‘Peoples’ War’ led by the Maoist has been consequently proven ‘the Trojan horse’ of Indian ruling class to impose new forms of oppression upon Nepali people and to hold on strong clutch in Nepali market.
Comrades, so all these conditions are sufficient to conclude that the so-called left Unity is nothing more than a proxy. They, since the last parliament elections, had been talking aloud about ‘development and prosperity’. They are repeatedly announcing the end of the political struggles onwards and the henceforth beginning of the new era of economic prosperity. Here they are wrong both practically and ideologically. Nepal is not yet a socialist country. According to the Marx’s teachings, political and class struggle will continue on even in the Socialist system. Bourgeoisies will always try on to relocate their ‘lost heaven’ even in the socialist system. The former USSR has taught us this historical lesson. Then how can in Nepal, so-called communist leaders declare the end of political and class struggle. This is political fraud if not the political mediocre. They actually want to weaken the class struggle in Nepal that consequently can deprive them from their ‘heaven’.
If economic prosperity and development of essential infrastructures can end the urgency of class struggle, there won’t be any struggle and action in the US and some European countries. Economic development is not the complete definition of Socialism that communist parties fight for.
Nepali People won’t have to wait along to encounter the fact that ‘the left Unity’ was engineered only for the power sharing and it has no any connection with left and communist movements. Their unity has nothing to do with the radical change of Nepali Society. The Unity is driven by the mathematical calculation of majority intended to rule upon Nepali people. Their acts after their electoral victory are the louder evidences. They are sharing power from the top to bottom, from public offices to universities, everywhere and in every ways.
The base of this party has changed adequately. It has lost the base of working class, the fundamental requisites for a party to be a communist party. Majority of the member active in this party are businessmen, industrialists, senior government officers, contractors of real states, hooligans etc. from whom hardly can be expected for the development of working class movements.
Dear Comrades, this year we are marking the 200th Birthday of the Great Teacher of the World Proletariat Karl Marx with various activities throughout the year up to the 5th May 2019. In Nepal, commemorating Marx is to fight against Revisionism today. We, as the young fighters have to wage untiring and un-admitting fights against the green serpents inside the green grasses. We are obliged to fight against the proxy communists to defend the Communist movement. We are to fight against the red flag holders intended to downfall the red flags of Revolution. We are to strike against the pro-imperialist renegades under the guise of ‘Red and Communists’.
And its actually is the pleasure hour that we have two young fighters among us as our dear comrades.  Mao Tse Tung had defined the young people as ‘the morning sun’ who own the World more than any other people. And so we are happy to welcome two of the bright morning suns here among Nepali young suns. Young revolutionary standing together can beat any reactionary and proxy powers in the world as Lenin did, as Mao did, as Ho Chi Minh did, as Kim Il Sung did, as Fidel and Che did in their days.
Long Live Socialist Revolution.
Long Live International Solidarity of the Working Class.

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